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Primal: Tribal Music Gathering

  • Quinta do Sol Portugal (map)

Familia , 

On May 18th we invite you to join us for our first Primal: Tribal Music Gathering hosted by Miguel Anumano and family at Quinta do Sol - Espaço de Gaia to celebrate the power within using the power of now, and the power of sound.

There will be drums (other instruments also), celebration, dance, and we invite you to bring your instruments as we come together to unite, drum, dance, sing and play to feel and experience how much power we really have inside of us and as a collective tribe. 

To feel in our bodies the power of the connected state of trance,
to live and embody the ecstasy of being completely present and open to the pleasure and power of our full existence.

This is an opportunity to express the infinite creative potential present within each one of us, gain vitality and empower our brothers and sisters to dance and sing in their full power. Celebrating each other.

Naturally and effortlessly we will transcend limitations, allow more fun to happen and raise the vibration to other levels of consciousness on a safe space where we cultivate love, joy, playfulness and harmony.

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Arrive to ground in, feel the earth under your feet and enjoy the sunset as we light the fire for the evening

Chakra Opening Journey
Miguel will open the evening by taking us through a beautiful sound journey with the intention to open our inner channels, guiding us to open our hearts, our voice and our rhythm. 

The Power Within
A time for us to feel the power of sound within our bones, free flow into a collective improvisation, where the music and our bodies are deeply listening to each other and become one living prayer.

We finish when the organic trans flow shows us , that we have had enough.

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What to bring?

- Your beautiful presence
- Water
- Musical instruments
- Any special objects or offerings for the alter
- Food / Snacks
- Extra clothing as it will get colder during the later hours

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About Miguel Anumano

Miguel lives in devotion, to music, intensely since childhood. He is inspired by ancestral healing sounds, is a sound explorer, percussionist, vocalist, multi-instrumentist, self-taught, improvisation artist. The Guidelines of his work are, authentic expression from the heart, listening, presence, depth, intuition and flow. Empowering through creativity. Miguel also graduated and keeps learning about holistic medicine travelling through various countries.

He offers concerts with other musicians and solo, tribal celebrations, voice and rhythm circles. Plays sound for dance sessions , conscious movement, healing, yoga, ceremonies and rituals.

The family, are a group of warm hearted amazing friends, family, musicians, artists, magicians , healers, fairies and shamans, that hold the space with passion and love.

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Offering of 15 euros
Please confirm your place for attendance and also car lift opportunities at

If you want to propose an exchange for the value of the entry, or you are a musician and feel called to hold musical space with us get in touch with us on

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The Address

Thanks to Sarasvati Sarah who so generously is offering her space we will be at Quinta do Sol
in Cheleiros, close to Sintra.

Map to arrive:

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What is Primal?

Primal is a family of healers, spaces and human beings reconnecting with our creature instincts and primal nature through sound, movement, nourishment and creation. Primal is a bridge between healers, spaces and human beings that share this vision.

The greatest gift of all is to be loved unconditionally

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