Calling all human beings inner artists, singers, dancers, designers, architects, builders, chefs, experts and creatives

We believe, that when we merge tribes from all walks of life and aim to build, not destroy We serve as an example to the world of a model of conscious living and sustainability. 

On August 22-25th we gather as Primal creature beings stripped from our human identifications, to relearn how to lovingly relate to ourselves, to others and the earth whilst reforesting parts of Portugal.

This gathering is for all human beings inner artist, singer, dancer, designer, architect, builder, chef, expert and creative. We are co-creating a space to gather, restore, reproduce and recreate harmony with nature whilst we sing, dance, attend healing workshops, celebrate in ceremony, and equip ourselves with lifelong skills to naturally build, and grow food using permaculture principles.

Together we will plant seeds to a more sustainable future. With the intention of growing a forest, at the pace of the natural elements. Our intention is to gather every year in this way.


What’s included?

  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Breathe work

  • Workshops on natural building and permaculture

  • Workshops on alternative healing

  • International World Music Concerts

  • Women’s and Men’s circles

  • Sound Healing

  • Contact dance

  • 5rhythms dance

  • Voice Healing

  • Camping

  • Food made off the land

  • An ocean 4km away

  • The list goes on and on